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About Rowena Treitler

Rowena Treitler

Rowena is a stay-at-home mom who is dedicated to raising her two children and serving her community through philanthropy.

When she’s not driving the kids around to all their activities, she spends her time volunteering at school, raising money for Rady Children’s Hospital, and working for local non-profits through the National Charity League. When she’s not trying to save the world, she enjoys traveling, eating out, watching movies, attending concerts and finding peace at the spa.

Meet the Treitlers

Rowenna (top left), posing with her family.

Q & A with Rowena

I first realized that Marc was an alcoholic during our third round of couple’s therapy. We briefly touched upon it, he denied it, of course, then I remembered ALL the recent times he had embarrassed me, passed out, or worse.

We fought all the time. Anything would set him off.

What parenting? I was the only parent.

FEAR of what my life would be like as a single mom.

A situation I told him with Lianna was the catalyst. He hit “bottom” during a business meeting in Las Vegas a week later. He texted me two times in a row, “I love you so much.” …I knew something was terribly wrong. He was supposed to come home that day. Instead, he called me and told me he’d checked into rehab. It was like a dream, really. I knew he was an alcoholic, but really didn’t think about him ever going into a 30 day rehab facility…let alone AWAY from home. It was very difficult when he was away…no phone, no email…it was very scary for me. But, when he transferred to a facility in San Diego it was better. We could visit him and talk about his experience in rehab, etc. I didn’t realize, however, how bumpy the road would be for years to come.

I honestly didn’t think about it. It was his “work” and if he relapsed, the kids and I would leave.

I think the best change is the change it will make in the life of the kids. Hopefully, THIS cycle will end with them.

Doing this project with Bennett has been so fun – just having mother/son time for something so important. And it’s nice for Marc to include Bennett in this process.

I have mixed feelings. I’m a very protective parent. Frankly, it scares me. I feel it just gives me more to worry about.