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The Treitlers frequently make guest appearances across the country where they speak about their personal experiences with addiction and how their books can help future generations avoid addiction altogether.

Check out some of their appearances below!

Latest Appearances:

Marc and Rowena Treitler joined CBS 8 to talk about their mission with Potato Allergy and the documentary Josiah, a film about the impact of addiction on individuals and their families. Watch the interview by clicking here

Author Lianna Treitler joined the “Mental Health for US #UniteForChange Forum: California” where she spoke about her experiences and why she’s passionate about helping keep teens from addiction. 

Marc and Lianna Treitler joined Operation Parent on August 14th  where they discussed addiction, genetic predisposition and what your child needs to know if there is an addiction in your family.

Watch the full webinar here.

On April 6th, Lianna Treitler joined “Good Morning San Diego” where she shared her story on what motivated her to write her own book that guides young people in avoiding addiction.

Watch the interview by clicking here!

Watch as Marc and Lianna were special guests on America Trends with host Aimee Fuller. The group covers topics like talking to your kids about substance abuse, the impact of addiction on both parents and children, and how Potato Allergy’s books can help young teenagers who are facing the dilemma.

On Monday, Oct. 22 Marc Treitler chatted with Patricia Raskin during her positive living show on Marc discussed substance abuse and how to talk about peer pressure with your children. Click “Play” on the video player to listen!

Watch Marc and Lianna on WGN-TV News, Chicago to talk about addiction and its impact on families:

Potato Talk: Keeping Kids Addiction Free

Featured Video:

Detroit Lions offensive lineman, Kenny Wiggins, joined Potato Talk where he discussed his family history of addiction and how staying drug free has helped his NFL career. 

More Videos

Potato Talk with Clint Malarchuk

Potato Talk with Dr. Adam Leventhal

Marc Treitler on the Andy Caldwell Radio Show


Check out Marc and Lianna Treitler on #ConversationsLIVE with Cyrus Web from Sunday, March 11, 2018 :

The Treitlers on TV

Marc and Lianna on KUSI San Diego

Marc and Lianna talk about their book on the top rated morning show in San Diego in 2017.

Marc and Lianna on FOX 5 San Diego

The Treitlers talk with FOX 5 in San Diego on February 23, 2017.

Marc and Lianna on FOX 2 Oakland

Lianna and Marc make a splash on the Bay at San Francisco’s top morning news show in 2017.

Marc Treitler on “Lost and Profound”

Marc on the new and exciting UBN program, Lost and Profound.

The Treitlers on the Web

> Read Marc’s October 4, 2016 article on the Huffington Post titled “Resources for Parents Worried About Family Alcoholism”

> Read Marc’s December 29, 2016 article on the Huffington Post titled “Why Locking the Medicine Cabinet is as Critical as the Gun Safe”

> Read Marc’s December 29, 2016 article on the Huffington Post title “Dear Mr. President-Elect: Make Pain Pills Great Again”

The Treitlers on the Radio

> Click here to listen to Marc discuss his book and his personal experience with alcoholism in a powerful radio interview with WOCA 1370AM Ocala, Florida.

> Click here to listen to Marc discuss his book on KTIP Radio in California on Body Talk.

> Listen to one of two segments of Quantum Leap on UPRN where Marc discussed his book for audiences in Hawaii and Los Angeles. October 2016.

> Listen to Marc discussing the book and movement with the dynamic Cyrus Webb on WMPR-FM Jackson, MS, AtlantaLive Radio, and his world famous podcast. October 2016.

> Click here to listen to Marc’s conversation with Professor Joan Buckley on New York’s WHPC FM radio.

> Marc’s insightful interview with therapist Lisa Tahir was heard on LA Radio on December 22, 2016. Lisa has a focus in her practice on addiction, which made this interview riveting and informative. Listen here.

> Click here to listen to Marc’s interview on the ever-eclectic Kristi Ellen’s Mosaic Radio on Voice of America.

> Click here to listen to Marc talk to a global leader in Leadership on Voice of America’s award winning show, Leadership Beyond Borders.

Other Events

> Lianna and Marc spoke to the listeners on 102.3 KXYL on October 9, 2017 about their book and how to deal with peer pressure.

> In October 2016 Marc appeared on the Texas powerhouse station KXYL 102.3 to discuss this book on Going Home during drivetime.

Lianna and Marc speaking at a middle school in 2017 about the bok and dangers addiction.

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