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Question: The older kids at my high school all seem to use drugs. What if they offer some to me at a party?

Answer: If you ever happen to find yourself in a situation where you’re offered or being pressured into doing drugs, the simplest answer is to say no. Saying no might not seem easy, but once you’re assertive with people and clearly express your feelings, you’d be surprised at how quickly people back down. You could say something as simple as “no thanks” or “I’m okay,” and people who care about you and your comfortability wouldn’t keep pressuring you. Another way to refuse drugs or alcohol in a social situation is to say “no thanks, I’m allergic” or something along those lines. It’s important to remember that kids like us with alcoholism in our genes are allergic to alcohol and drugs. And think about it, what kind of person would force you to eat or drink something you’re allergic to? It’s not like you make a friend who’s allergic to peanuts eat Reese’s cups! However, if you continue to feel trapped or backed into a corner, you can take yourself out of the situation. It’s much better to leave a party early than to do something you know is bad for you. Your safety and health should always be your #1 priority.

Question: What if I know some kids that could use the book but their parents are in denial about their alcoholism?

Answer: Sometimes the alcoholic needs a wakeup call. I would suggest giving the kids copies of the book and wristbands. Then after they read it they can show their parent what you gave them.

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