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How to Avoid/Break the Family Addiction Cycle

Science has proven that kids with addiction in their genes have a much higher chance of becoming an addict than other children.  And historically, those children are raised as all other children, without preparing them for their increased risk.

The Potato Allergy Movement encourages children to be educated about their “allergy” to drugs and alcohol, similar to the way their peers with peanut allergies are educated about their allergy.

With this project, we hope to make the topic of family addiction as common as peanut allergies in each family, and help children empower themselves with knowledge of addiction before it is too late.

We want to be proactive and address the topic before it is a problem.

Today, our country focuses on treatment of addiction NOT prevention. With your help, we can change this.  Here are three simple steps you can take to start the education process with your family:

  1. Communicate regularly with your children about their social circles.
  2. Openly discuss any family history of addiction.
  3. Visit regularly, subscribe to receive our weekly blogs and begin the learning process.

Marc Treitler and his family are the founders and creators of the family addiction education website and the authors and illustrators of My Dad Is an Alcoholic, What About Me?: A Pre-teen Guide to Conquering Addictive Genes.

Learn more about how to talk to your kids about substance abuse at You can also find and connect with the authors on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.

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Marc Treitler

Marc enjoys spending time with his family and their new Yorkie puppy, Coco. He is an executive of a utility company, which keeps him very busy and allows him to travel throughout the country. When Marc isn’t working or on his phone, his hobbies include: embarrassing his wife and kids, convincing his daughter that boys are bad, passing his musical tastes to his son, cleaning-up puppy pee inside the house, and talking politics to anyone that will listen.
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