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With today’s tragic news about food and TV icon Anthony Bourdain, it is time we face the reality of addiction and how denial in Hollywood may have led to his death. We all know Anthony for his shows glamorizing food, travel and alcohol.  From his numerous shows on the Travel Network to his stints on CNN-travel, food and alcohol were constant.  The man that seemingly could drink eat and venture across all continents without trouble
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By Jill Anderson, Guest Author If you’re fighting an alcohol or drug addiction disorder, you are not alone. 2.6 million American men and women undergo therapy for addiction each year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It takes commitment but it’s a battle worth winning. Here are a few lifestyle changes that can strengthen your body (and mind) as you combat your compulsions. Focus on fitness. Believe it or not, exercise is one
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While in the midst of dealing with family addiction to drugs or alcohol, the idea of a happy ending may seem impossible. The pain, lies, deceit, trauma, demoralization, illness and financial ruin caused by an addicted family member can be more devastating to a family than any other affliction in our society. Even compared to other deadly diseases, addiction also comes with feelings of anger and resentment that the loved one cannot or does not
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prevent teen drug use
Ok parents, are you overwhelmed with the stories circulating through social media and the news about today’s drug epidemic in the United States? Do the daunting statistics about drug and alcohol use in your city make you want to hide your head in the sand? Certainly, your fears are justified. Our youth is faced with an unprecedented drug epidemic. Similarly, alcohol abuse is becoming the norm, not the exception. And, add to that the fact
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keeping kids away from drugs
I am asked daily, by concerned parents, relatives and friends of teenagers, what can be done to keep teens away from the drugs and alcohol that seem to permeate our schools. The statistics surrounding teen drug and alcohol use are daunting and justify action by those concerned  for a loved one. The average age today for a teen to first use alcohol is 13. The statistics on drug use are equally terrifying. So, what is a
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addiction education
As students have been taught sex ed over the years, the curriculum has evolved to properly include a discussion on drugs and alcohol (at most schools).  However, according to our research, this topic is still secondary in the curriculum to sex, pregnancy and STDs. One must ask if these courses are focusing on today’s dangers for children.  As our drug and alcohol epidemic grows, the numbers of Americans affected by these diseases are staggering. In 2015,
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Unless you have been avoiding the news and social media for the last three to five years, you are aware of the massive heroin epidemic that has plagued our country. The story has become all too familiar across every state and city in our great land: the over-prescribing of opiate pain pills; the abuse by young and old alike; massive addictions; abundance of cheaper heroin from Mexico; heroin addicts all around; death. If you have
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As our country prepares for a change in political power, the airwaves are full of promises of change. No matter what side you are on, we are all aware of the changes promised in health care, taxes, and immigration. The drug epidemic in our country has not escaped these discussions. Our President-elect cites the influx of illegal drugs as one of the main reasons for his “wall.” One of Trump’s key advisors, Newt Gingrich, has graciously
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locking the medicine cabinet
Almost every gun owner with children knows that guns should be kept in a locked safe. Right? Unlocked, these devices become all too enticing as toys, and are bound to end up in the hands of children. And, often, these scenarios end in avoidable tragedies. However, it appears that the majority of families in the United States fail to keep guns locked up in homes with children. A 2000 study, in fact, showed that 55%
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chicago river
A walk through any major city in the U.S. shows ample evidence of our country’s daily technological breakthroughs. On a recent stroll through Chicago, I observed a boy on a hover board, travelers in hybrids and fully electric vehicles. People reading electronic messages on their watch and asking walking directions to their phones are commonplace. Buildings along the Chicago River are powered by solar and wind and the offices are lit by state of the
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