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For more than 40 years, drugs and alcohol have been in the news.  From "Just Say No" to "This Is Your Brain on Drugs," the government and educational systems have tried to keep kids substance free.  And they have failed.  Now, the Treitler Family is on a mission to turn this around through PotatoAllergy.com.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has determined that children are now abusing drugs and alcohol as young as 12; and for that abuse to be taking place, they must have tried these substances far earlier.  So, how do we keep our kids substance-free?  How do we teach them the risks of even trying alcohol or drugs – especially if there is a history of addiction in the family?

It all starts – as it did with the Treitler kids – with a conversation.

About the Author

Marc Treitler grew up in a family with a deep history of addiction on his mom’s side. Though his mom made the conscious decision to never activate the addiction gene, never indulging in drugs or alcohol, it remained present, and both Marc and his sister succumbed to addiction. His kids struggled to understand why their dad drank so much and why he was so angry when he did. It was only when he recognized how his addiction was affecting his family that Marc finally took the steps necessary to recover.

During recovery, Marc learned a lot, much of which he wished he had learned as a kid.  It occurred to him that if he had been truly educated about addiction, he would have been better prepared to avoid it.  And so it became his mission to educate his kids, to keep them from falling into the addiction trap, activating their probable genetic predisposition.

It was during those conversations that the idea for the books they have written as a family germinated.  Marc and his daughter Lianna became the authors while Marc’s wife Rowena and their son Bennett became the illustrator. And the result became two books: one for children with a genetic predisposition towards addiction, and the other a book for all kids.  And for their parents, too, so that families would discuss drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse openly, honestly, and with the health and well-being of all kids paramount in their minds.

What also came about is the Red Rosebud Foundation, an organization dedicated to:

  • EDUCATING children on the science behind addiction
  • ADVOCATING for their health and well-being
  • ERADICATING the stigma of addiction.


So kids, grab your parents – or parents, grab your kids – and explore our website and then choose the book most appropriate for you and your family and read and discuss it together.  Because it is together, through open discussion, that families will keep our kids substance-free.

Alcohol, Drugs & You | Now on Amazon

My Dad is an Alcoholic, What About Me? | Buy on Amazon

Free books provided to educators and teachers-use our contact page to submit a request.

Marc and Lianna Treitler joined #ConversationsLIVE with Cyrus Webb this weekend where they discussed the release of their new book Alcohol, Drugs & You and their mission of sharing their message about life after addiction. Listen to the full interview below!




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